1000+ tools and resources for content creators

One listing, for all creators

Creator Resource Kit is an ever-growing curated free collection of 1000+ tools and resources for Youtubers, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Podcasters & Gamers.

Tools which help them create, distribute, manage, learn, monetize, grow & more.

Whole internet, one directory, all things creator economy.

After months of combing the wild, wild west of the internet, we made a library of over 1000 companies that are building in this space.

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Why we built this?

$1.3 billion dollars has been invested in the creator economy in 2021 alone. No matter how many billions of dollars and companies there may be in the Creator Economy space if creators don't know about the companies themselves, it's hard for them to find value in the things that are being created for them.

Curated listing

All the tools and resources are handpicked, researched and analyzed before they find their place in the list.

categorized and niched

There are about 12 main categories with each having their own sub categories of tools which help creators to create, distribute, manage, analyze, learn, engage, monetize, grow & more.

ever-growing list

We will keep curating this directory as we discover more tools for creators.

free now and always

We did this with only one motive in mind, that is to add value to the creative community and we expect nothing but good karma in return.

Access from anywhere, any device

The listing is placed in a notion doc which can be accessed from any device, browser or a native app.


Simon Barker
“This is brilliant. Often I don't even know that there is a tool I need. There's so many for podcasts! Thanks“
Shwetabh Ranjan
Co-Founder, Backbench
“The collection will surely help Creators!“
Prithvi Sankar
Making music sharing super-addictive
“This is an amazingly well curated collection. Goes right into my bookmarks folder. ✨”

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